Congratulations on the selling of your home!

This form must be submitted to Dwell immediately upon acceptance of a purchase agreement by the owner.

Congratulations on the sale of your home! Dwell wants to make sure that everything goes smoothly on our end between now and the close of escrow. Below are the key actions that involve Dwell.  Please do not hesitate to contact Jim Stock with any questions.  

  1. Dates.   If this date changes, the agent must notify Dwell via email immediately .       

  2. Cleaning. Dwell shall have all furnishings removed and the home cleaned 24 hours prior to the close of escrow.  Dwell shall notify the owner and the agent prior to the cleaning.  

  3. Utilities. ( If applicable ) As a courtesy Dwell shall have the home manager leave the utilities in the manager's name for up to one week after they move out. The owner agrees to reimburse the manager on a prorated basis for the actual cost of the utilities after the move-out for up to one week.  If, for any reason, the utilities have not been placed in either the current owner’s name or the new owner's name within 7 days of the manager moving out, the manager will have them disconnected.

  4. Inspection. Owner and agent agree to notify Dwell at least 24 hours prior to the appraisal and all home inspections. Please note that the 2 hour notification to enter the home is in effect during the escrow period.

  5. Miscellaneous.  Dwell shall place all remotes on the kitchen counter.

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