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Staging & Design Approach

Many nights I fall asleep designing rooms and wake up excited to tackle our next move and staging project. I truly love designing new spaces and see each home as a new page to write on with current ideas, creative solutions and a unique style to make a client say, “I want to live here”! 

I grew up in a small town in Ohio in a century old victorian affectionally called “The Green Monster”. This special house, with its spider web windows and wide front porches, sparked my imagination and forged a lifelong love of vintage style and classical architecture. 

I’m inspired by light, sunshine, ocean blues and crisp, clear colors. I love to pair metallic accessories with old books, use various hues of white and cream to give a sense of space and order and bring in pops of color to bring joy and excitement to a room.  I love the challenges of staging different styles of homes and can’t wait to create a space that is welcoming, orderly, beautiful and show home ready for you!

-Sally Stock