Frequently Asked Questions


How does Dwell’s Staging Program work? 

Our innovative staging model brings current and contemporary furniture to your vacant home for no upfront charge. We design, stage, accessorize and maintain your home in model- ready condition, so that your home has that “WOW” factor for each and every showing.

What makes the Home Manager Program so affordable?

By placing a pre-screened, professional home manager in your home, Dwell is able to provide a fully staged home at no upfront cost to you, the homeowner. All utilities are paid by the home manager and the first $100 for minor repairs is also covered by Dwell. We continually monitor your staged home for cleanliness and we work 24/7 so you will always be able to reach us.  Only a minimal charge at the close of escrow will apply.

How is it possible for Dwell to stage my home at no upfront cost to me?

Dwell will stage your home with our own beautiful furniture and accessories.  Once completed we will place one of our professional Home Managers in your home.  Our manager will care for your home, pay all utilities and keep your home in a “Show Ready” condition.  In return for these service Dwell receives a monthly fee that is paid by the Home Manager. The result is that instead of paying thousands of dollars a month in staging fees and utilities you will have your home beautifully staged and cared for and the utilities paid at no upfront cost. 

Are there any hidden fees or cost when the home is sold?

No.  There are no hidden costs and only a minimal charge applies at the close of escrow.

How do I know my home is being taken care of and that it will be in “Show Ready” condition for every showing?

Our #1 goal is to help you sell your home, so Dwell is committed to prepping or preparing your home before every showing. Our home managers receive on going training to be sure they are meeting our high standards and Dwell performs monthly inspections that show any maintenance issues that need attention.

What does it mean that Dwell will “Prep” my home before each showing?

This means that Dwell will visit your home prior to every showing, open house and broker’s open to be sure that the home is “show ready” and looking it’s best for potential buyers. Prepping includes turning on lights, making sure the air temperature is comfortable and going room to room to be sure all is looking amazing! This is a service that no other staging company offer and best of all it’s FREE!

How long will your staging remain in my home?

Our furniture and accessories will stay in your home until the home is sold and escrow has closed. We realize that it can often be 30 to 90 days from the writing of a contract to the actual close date and we will be sure that our home managers and furniture are out of your home in time for the house to be cleaned and the new buyers to move in, but prior to this time we will not remove any furniture or staging objects.

How fast will my home be staged?

The agreement that Dwell signs with you will state the exact date that your home will be staged.  Typically we will need no more than two days to complete the staging.

How do I know that my home will be vacant before the close of escrow.

Your home will be occupied and managed by one of our professional Home Managers.  Our managers are carefully screened and trained before being hired.  They understand that they are part of the team that is working together for the sole purpose of selling your home. These managers enter into a contract with Dwell and a lease with the owner that specifies when the home will be vacated.  Dwell has never had a Home Manager not vacate the home when requested.

What about pets and smoking?

Under no circumstance will a home manager be allowed to have a pet or to smoke.

Who pays for for the utilities and lawn care and pool service?

Our home manager will pay all of the utilities.  The lawn service and pool service will be paid for by the owner.